Salem 2.02 Blood Kiss Screencaps

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Thanks to generous Tori of, we have caps of Lucy Lawless from the Salem episode 2.02 Blood Kiss now in the gallery:

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Salem Photos & 2.01 Cry Havoc Screencaps

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The gallery has been updated with 2 episode stills from an unknown Salem episode, and screencaps from 2.01 Cry Havoc.

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‘Salem’s’ Lucy Lawless: ‘All I want is everything’

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The residents of “Salem” are going to be shaking in their boots come Season 2. But it won’t be thanks to Mary Sibley (Janet Montgomery).

For the second outing of WGN America’s drama about the townspeople and witches of 17th century Salem, Mass., a new, powerful woman is claiming her territory: Countess Palatine, Ingrid von Marburg played by “Xena: Warrior Princess’” Lucy Lawless.

“The countess is going to be, I think, a driving force in Mary’s life because Mary has what I want,” Lawless tells Zap2it. “I want everything. All I want is everything. Me and my curious son move in and it’s not going to go well I’m afraid. But it’ll be a lot of fun … I just want to give her hell.”

During the Season 1 finale, Mary finally completed the Grand Rite and unleashed a plague on the people of Salem. However, the Countess — who is one of the only remaining descendants of an ancient line of European witches — doesn’t respect Mary for her accomplishment, she only envies her for it.

“There’s multiple agendas for her,” says co-creator Adam Simon. “She wants to seize control. She is the character who was alluded to last season who Increase [Mathers] defeated attempting the Grand Rite about 60 years earlier. Now she doesn’t look like she could be that old, but we find out she’s much older than that. She’s here to find out who is it that exceeded at what [she] failed to do, and [to find out if she can] seize it.”

The Countess is clearly not an opposing force that “Salem” fans have encountered before. She is a beast in her own right and has secrets and powers that not even Mary fully understands.

“She’s more than a rival,” says co-creator Brannon Braga. “She’s there to do bad things. She’s Mary’s biggest threat of all time.”

“Salem” Season 2 premieres Sunday, April 5 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on WGN America.

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Lucy Lawless Explains the Gruesome History Behind Salem’s ‘New Kind of Horror’

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The actress talks season two of Salem and Xena‘s surprising second life

In Salem, which returns this Sunday at 10 p.m., Lawless plays Countess Marburg, the last in a long line of ancient Germanic witches who poses a threat to Salem’s most powerful witch (Mary Sibley, played by Janet Montgomery) when she makes her way to the 17th century town. TIME caught up with the actress to talk about pop culture’s witch renaissance, the modern-day relevance of the Salem witch trials and what happened to the Xena costume.

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Lucy Lawless Brings a Defiant Edge to ‘Salem’

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For its first scripted series last year, WGN America went all in on out-there with “Salem,” a witchy tale that rivaled “American Horror Story” in its willingness to be audacious. Few who saw the pilot will forget the scene in which a naked Mary Sibley helped her husband vomit up a frog. With Season 2 beginning on Sunday, how does the channel plan on upping the ante?

By recruiting one of television’s most cult-inspiring actresses to join the cast. The season premiere introduces a character played by the always fearless Lucy Lawless. How will she fit into Salem’s already bizarre story?

“I don’t fit in,” Ms. Lawless said in a telephone interview. “That’s not what people hire me to do.”

Ms. Lawless has put that brashness into each of her roles, most notably the titular one in the series “Xena: Warrior Princess,” which ran for six seasons, ending in 2001.

That character, which was first seen in several episodes of “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” brought her a following as a sort of renegade model of female empowerment. She expanded her reputation and fan base playing Lucretia in the Starz “Spartacus” franchise, where the costuming was often just as provocative as in “Xena” but the warrior-ing was more of the power-politics variety.

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Lucy Lawless is bewitching as a newcomer to ‘Salem’

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As if there weren’t enough upheaval in 17th-Century Salem, Massachusetts, this haunted village is about to welcome Lucy Lawless.

Celebrated for such unflinching performances as Xena, Warrior Princess, and Lucretia in the “Spartacus“ trilogy, Lawless is now casting her spell on “Salem,” WGN’s witch-war drama, as it begins its second season Sunday at 10 p.m. EDT.

Phoning from Shreveport (where she was midway through shooting with castmates including Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel and Ashley Madekwe), Lawless chatted about the show and her role on it:

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Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. 2.15 One Door Closes Screencaps

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Screencaps of Lucy Lawless from her second appearance on Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D are up!

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‘Salem': Lucy Lawless Joins Season 2 — Teases New ‘Intense’ Character

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‘Salem’ kicks off it’s highly-anticipated second season on April 5, and things are about to get twisty for the wicked Mary Sibley — especially when Lucy Lawless comes to town! Check out what Lucy and Janet Montgomery had to tell EXCLUSIVELY about their upcoming ‘intense’ showdown!

Xena in the house! Okay, not really — Lucy Lawless actually plays Countess Palatine Ingrid von Marburg, a new witch introduced in Season 2 of the addictive, witchy series, ‘Salem’. When the show returns next Sunday, fans will learn very little about the Countess and her plans for the witches of Salem. Fortunately, Lucy and leading lady Janet Montgomery were happy to share EXCLUSIVELY with what fans can expect from their devious characters this season.

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